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APAL Tree Census

Collecting now - APAL - Apple and Pear Industry Tree Census The challenges of birds, hailstorms and bushfires...

Collecting now – APAL – Apple and Pear Industry Tree Census

The challenges of birds, hailstorms and bushfires in Australia over the past few years have shown the importance of the national and West Australian apple and pear industry having strong data on what is grown where to allow rapid industry reaction and response.

An accurate and centrally managed national tree data set, managed by the peak industry body, provides multiple benefits to industry across many areas, including:

  • Annual harvest volume forecasts to assist with marketing plans and category management
  • Yield analysis based on variety inputs; planting style, rootstock, climatic conditions etc
  • Tree planting updates to assist growers make new orchard development decisions
  • Biosecurity outbreak management
  • Disaster management; and
  • Government lobbying and industry support

At a National level, APAL are now commencing a national tree census data collection and are pleased that Pomewest have agreed to work with APAL to collect the data in West Australia.   As a part of this work, Pomewest will also have the ability to access the data for West Australian growers to benefit the valuable work they do on behalf of WA growers.

Any data you provide will be managed with care to ensure it is remains confidential and not accessible to anyone for any other purpose other than a rolled-up analysis of the West Australian and Australian apple and pear industry.  A copy of APAL’s privacy policy for data collection is attached.

Privacy – data collection grower

Please complete and return to Susie by email or return post to; Pomewest Locked bag 7 South West Highway Manjimup, 6258 by 1st June 2021.

WA Tree data Grower 2021 print copy

You can now enter your tree data online (best entered from a desktop, but mobile in landscape mode can work) at the following link:

We greatly appreciate the amount of time required to complete the tree data.  Thank you!