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About Us

Who We Are

Pomewest is a newly formed entity which is an apple and pear subcommittee of the Agricultural Produce Commissions’ Pome, Citrus and Stone Fruit Committee – formerly known as Fruitwest.

Pomewest operates under the guidance of the Agricultural Produce Commission (APC)  which encourages initiative amongst producers of agricultural produce industries for the purposes of providing services. This is possible within the APC Act established in 1988. This provides Western Australian agricultural producers with the legal framework to collect funds to provide for the development and security of their industry sector. This collection is known as a fee for service.

Under this legislation producers are able to self-fund and take ownership of their industry and further the growth, prosperity and security of each industry within Western Australia.

Our Vision

A profitable and sustainable Western Australian pome fruit industry that meets market requirements and consistently satisfies consumers with high quality fruit.

Our Mission

Working in partnership with our stakeholders to provide industry leadership, strategic direction and innovative solutions to support a profitable and sustainable Western Australian pome fruit industry.

Our Objectives

To increase the profitability and sustainability of the Western Australian pome fruit industry.

To increase the quality and consumption of Western Australian pome fruit.

To provide industry leadership, unity and purpose.

Find out more, read our current Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

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